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Millmead Footbridge

Millmead Footbridge in Flood - Photo by David Plummer

A wooden bridge was built from Millmead to the Jolly Farmer in what is now Quarry Street. This was replaced in 1934 by the graceful, high arched, Quarry Hill footbridge.
Broadford Bridge

Broadford Bridge - Photo by Hilary Barratt

To the South of Guildford there is the railway bridge to Shalford and the picturesque Broadford Bridge.
Railway Bridge

Railway Bridge Detail - Photo by Hilary Barratt

Bowers Lane Bridge

Bower's Lane Bridge - Photo by Matt Page

North of Guildford there is Bower's Lane Bridge, now a footbridge and superseded by the unglamorous Clay Lane Bridge.
The seven arch viaduct over Woodbridge Meadows was built for the Guildford via Cobham railway and connects London Road to the main line station. It opened in 1885. The wooden footbridge looks like an afterthought, but connects the towpath and now the University to the town.
Onslow Bridge

   Blue Sky through Onslow Bridge    Photo by Shirley Graber

Onslow Bridge was opened in 1882 to provide a second river crossing, closer to the railway station.
Woodbridge Footbridge

Woodbridge Footbridge - Photo by David Plummer

The footbridges at Millmead are of ancient origin. They were rebuilt when the Navigation was extended to Godalming. The stone footbridge is normally dry, the photograph shows it carrying floodwater.
Quarry Street Bridge

Quarry Street Bridge - Photo by Shirley Graber

There are  several modern road bridges, such as the A3 at Woodbridge. However, these are functional and have no character, they have not been included here.