1   The River Wey
2   Flood Meadows
3   Town Bridge
4   Bridges
5   St Catherine's
6   The Navigation
7   The Mills
 The Working River
9   New Industries
10 Historic Buildings
11 Modern Buildings
12 Leisure
13 Credits

Guildford from the River Wey


The exhibition was organised by the Guildford Society, working with the Guildford Photographic Society and Guildford House. It was open in the Brew House from June 16th through June 23rd with a Private Viewing and reception with the Mayor of Guildford, Mike Nevins on Monday June 18th.  

The virtual tour has thirteen sections

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The Guildford Society

Architecture Week 2007

Different Perspectives

The River Wey
Flood Meadows
Town Bridge
St Catherine's
The Navigation
The Mills
The Working River
New Industries
Historic Buildings
Modern Buildings

River Wey Talk
Mystery Photos
Architects Week 2007
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